VCSEL Swept Source

Product Features

  • Compact modular platform based on proven GaAs VCSEL and SOA technology
  • Variable scan rate to achieve multi-modal imaging or fixed for fast scan rate and high through-put
  • Shaping scan speed and optical envelope to optimize image quality.


  • Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT)
  • Interferometry
  • Laser ranging


Product Specifications

  Caliper-FLEX Caliper-HERO
Description Standard Superior Standard Superior
Product code OCTL-SS-02-1060 OCTL-SS-01-1060
Center wavelength [nm] 1060±20 1060±10 1060±20 1060±10
Sweep range, 10 dB [nm] >20 >25 >20 40-50
Optical power [mW] >15 15-50 >15 15-50
Sweep rate [kHz] 2-60±1% 2-60±1% 1700±5% 1700±5%
Spectrum ripple [dB]   <0.1   <0.1
Ortho-RIN [%]   <2   <2
Envelope shaping Factory setting User programmable Factory setting User programmable
Spec sheet OCTL-SS-02-1060 caliper-FLEX specs sheet OCTL-SS-01-1060-caliper-HERO specs-sheet


Interface and Size


Fiber output FC/APC connector
Power supply 12V input or 100-230V 50-60 Hz power supply, max current 3A
A-scan trigger TTL (benchtop) 1-1.4V min/max, 100 Ohm termination, SMA connector. Configurable for OEM
Control Serial/USB. SUBD safety interlock
Dimensions 185x120x56 mm

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